Venture Capital Magazin


Since May 2000, VentureCapital Magazin has been delivering high-quality corporate finance information to investors and entrepreneurs on a monthly basis. Editorial focus is placed on private equity, venture capital and buy-out transactions as well as mergers and acquisitions. The monthly column “Deal Monitor“ reports on financing rounds and investment exits among German private equity companies and/or investee companies. The most recent figures, reports, and statistics appear on a regular basis, and the topics always change to examine regions, target groups and sectors of particular interest.

VentureCapital Magazin is committed to nurturing the development of the equity and entrepreneur scene. The editorial goal is to provide investors with the best available coverage of market news, competitive environments and industry trends as well as to acquaint managers and entrepreneurs with the many aspects of equity financing through expert articles, case studies and success stories. VentureCapital Magazin and its creators – committed entrepreneurs themselves – are dedicated to a free market philosophy and to creating informational “value added” for investors and entrepreneurs alike.