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The Cryptonomist

A punctual and rigorous information site to offer news and updates to its readers,
but also authoritative in having opinions and making disclosure on the most innovative aspects of the crypto-economy.

This is, in a nutshell, the mission of Cryptonomist, with the aim of becoming the most authoritative online newspaper in Italian and English, is narrating an economic and technological revolution that conquers more and more spaces and consents, compared to traditional models of production and exchange.

A revolution that also encompasses social relations, laying the foundations of a world where the word 'decentralization' is present in all areas of entrepreneurship and social coexistence.The central themes of this story will be cryptocurrencies, fintech and the blockchain, three connected and often overlapping areas.

Written in a simple and captivating way, Cryptonomist will also provide videos and insights on the most current topics made by leading experts in the field.
Special attention will also be given to the ICO world with a dedicated calendar, presentations, and interviews.

The direct participation of readers, in a continuous exchange of opinions, confrontations, evaluations, and suggestions, will also be fundamental. A news platform, open to its public, where anyone can find a space of expression through directories such as Direct Line, specific chats, and social networks.