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At the daily rate of 2 websites and 2 bi-monthly newsletters, Solutions and Soluxions decipher the changes underway and especially the opportunities that arise. Together, these two online media focus information on IT & Telecom players and their corporate actions in two countries, Belgium and Luxembourg, via two separate but complementary websites. Sensitive to the culture and networks of companies in Belgium and Luxembourg, Solutions and Soluxions offer, through researched reports and interviews in the field, an interpretive approach that is resolutely strategic and oriented towards business as well as towards the profits generated by technologies. By putting technology at the service of companies, it is the whole company that becomes more responsive to the market, anticipating the needs of its customers, changing its processes and improving the productivity of its employees. This is why, beyond ICT management, Solutions and Soluxions unite all the company's decision-makers involved in ICT projects.