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Luxembourg Expats

Luxembourg Expats Network (LuxExpats) is a marketplace social network founded by expats  for expats in Luxembourg. The startup offers many interesting features with a focus on the  expats and international people in the Greater Luxembourg region. 

Expats are 47.5% of the 620k Luxembourg’s population, and LuxExpats has been building an  ecosystem of expats, international locals and local businesses. The Startup is on a mission to  make buying local and socializing easier and be part of building a future digital society. 

Since 2012, the Luxembourg Expats has been building an ecosystem that has now become  the go-to Marketplace Social Network for the expats’ community. People are asking for  recommendations, getting advice before moving to Luxembourg, and Luxembourg Würst  has written many stories inspired by the community and even solving some issues on-the go. As Luxembourg Expats Network is a true part of the fabric of Luxembourg’s society, this  can only be a start in becoming a part of the global future digital societies.