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Amcham Luxembourg

AMCHAM is the largest private Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg and for 27 years has been dedicated to supporting international companies, their employees, families and our Luxembourgish friends to successfully function and operate in and from Luxembourg. 

AMCHAM members are companies large, medium sized, small and micro startups of one or two persons, we also have global individual members who are independent business people, retirees, academics or students just beginning their careers.

We are affiliated with the US Chamber of Commerce and the Association of American Chamber of Commerce in Europe but are an independent member-focused private Chamber of Commerce not subsidized or controlled by the US or any other government in any way. All nationalities of ethical, high quality companies are most warmly welcome and all are equally treated.

AMCHAM serves its members through Networking, information about how Luxembourg works, problem solving  and engagement with the government  and institutional players to protect and advocate to serve our membership and make sure Luxembourg remains or improves as an ideal place for International people and companies to live and work. We function and have influence both within Luxembourg, internationally within the EU and within the US.