Yspace is a space start-up company promoting  the development of Space by utilising XR technologies. Based on our knowledge of the specialised fields of aerospace and robot engineering, we aim to bring a 'First-Time Experience' to the people of the world. In order to accelerate Space development towards a prosperous future, Yspace uses  state-of-the-art technology to grow a wide range of businesses, including advertisement agencies, educational institutions and media companies which currently are involved in the development of Space. The future of space exploration can be fully simulated and experienced virtually before we go and even before we build the systems. Our Virtual Reality technology allows individuals or organizations to collaborate in the same space mission regardless of location.

Contacts :

Mr. Goichi Kawasaki, Co-Founder, Co-CEO, g-kawasaki@yspace-llc.com

Mr. Hitomi Sano, Global Manager, h-sano@yspace-llc.com

Mrs. Yuki Imamura, Intern, team.yspace.mars@gmail.com

Website : http://yspace-llc.com