Virtual i Technologies

Virtual i is a risk assessment company that enables medium and large organizations to see risks that they would otherwise miss.

Virtual i was founded in 2017 by Sinan Geylani who had just come out of his MBA from Columbia Business School and was working in the insurance industry. Mr Geylani was struggling to underwrite risk in Yemen from his office in Dubai International Financial Centre, UAE and he was unable to find the right resources to see the risk. Mr Geylani came up with the idea of providing real-time risk assessment without having to travel to Yemen; using smart wearables like Google glasses, head-mounted tabs and other technologies.

Virtual i started off with by prototyping the product in hostile territories, high population countries and then in developed countries. The first real-time risk assessments were carried out in Iraq, Turkey and UAE. 

The idea of real-time risk assessment was welcomed by the industry but insurers could not do away with a written survey report of the risks they were insuring. Based on this feedback virtual i had to find a way to offer risk survey reports, while at the same time continuing to eliminate the high number of hours required to write a report and other logistical costs like travelling, visa, hotel stay and permits. Virtual i found a solution in translating their knowledge of risk assessment into an app, which enables any risk engineer, anywhere in the world to conduct a survey and create a survey report at the click of a button.   

Virtual i has expanded in GCC & Europe; and has ambitious plans to expand further with the right investment, strategic guidance and support.

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