Our solution, TIMi, is a game changer for organizations that are ready to use their data as a competitive advantage and capture value from their information universe. Thanks to TIMi, we deploy, in a few weeks, complete & pragmatical solutions that are 100% industrialized to automatically optimize your sales. We use simple techniques (KPIs & dashboard) and complex techniques (Advanced Analytics & "Machine Learning"). We are "big data" specialists.

TIMi revolutionizes data science and advanced analytics by tackling four of the key barriers to entry:
•     Accurate & Fast: In a few seconds, TIMi calculates thousands of models, automatically selects and delivers the most robust and accurate model (i.e. we are regularly among the top winners of international data mining competition). Anatella performs complex data transformations on several Tera in a few minutes.
•     Short Learning Curve & User-friendly: A smart business user can easily build high quality predictive models after a simple training and no PhD in "Data Science" is required (one-click modeling).
•     Negligible Infrastructure Cost: Using a simple standard desktop PC, TIMi analyzes and manipulates databases with billions of records and thousands of variables. This is a huge financial benefit for our customers, and this is one of the reasons why our products are so widespread in Africa and Latin America: On these continents, we treat every day more than 300 million people with our tools.
•     Reduced Storage: Thanks to its original compression algorithms, TIMi stores & processes, for example, a data volume equivalent to 5 TB of data stored inside a DB, using only 100GB of hardddrive storage (the data size is typically divided by 50 compared to a traditional DB).


Mr. Frank Vanden Berghen, CEO, frank@timi.eu

Mr. François Maillaert, Account Manager, francois.maillaert@timi.eu