STEALIEN Inc. is an information security company, which provides cutting-edge technology in a convenient way. Over 80% of the employees are in the department of R&D, as white hackers. Hackers of STEALIEN have found several 0-days of global vendors, such as MS, Google, etc. Many of the employees have won in several national and international hacking contests. With strong manpower, STEALIEN is doing research on high-level security technologies. It also provides mobile app security solution, AppSuit series, penetration testing, and security consulting. Its security solution is for every kind of mobile applications, such as game, e-commerce, bank, fintect, and etc. It is applicable to both Android and iOS. It protects mobile applications from being attacked by black hackers, by providing tampering prevention, encryption, and obfuscation. Its main functions are: tampering detection, memory hacking prevention, debugging prevention, blocking swizzling, reverse engineering prevention, changing the function name, string encryption, hiding API, class encryption, changing control flow, removing symbol and debugging information, code obfuscation, binary encryption, dex encryption, etc. Main clients are KB Kookmin Bank, Shinhan Bank, SK Telecom, LG Electronics, and many more, with half of the top 10 investment & securities companies in Korea.


Adress : 12F, The Prime Tower Office Building, 11, Wonhyo-ro 90-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Phone : +82-2-2038-4792

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Foundation Date : 05.01.2014


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