Moonscape is a lunar services and payload transportation company, that provides necessary services like communication relay and cutting-edge imaging, while delivering payloads to the Moon.

Our co-founder, Yoav Landsman has been to the Moon already. He was the Senior Systems Engineer and Deputy Mission Director on the only privately-funded mission to the lunar surface. Yoav: “The Beresheet mission was a unique learning experience, and carrying that forward gives Moonscape an unparalleled advantage.”

Lunar missions are about to become more than just a tiny fraction of a few space agencies' exploration plan and budget. Many commercial companies are developing lunar landers, rovers and other types of lunar surface robotic machines. Such programs shall benefit from services and infrastructures that will already be operational when required.

Moonscape's vision is to support humankind's effort of reaching the Moon in a sustainable and responsible manner, as humanity's first step towards the rest of the solar system and beyond.
We intend to deploy orbiters in lunar orbit to provide imaging and communications. Those orbiters will also have payload bays, which will be used for in-orbit payloads and small landers.


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