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LIBERAWARE: A PIONEER IN JAPANESE INDUSTRIAL DRONE ARENA. Liberaware is a Japanese company desigining and manufacturing ultra-small drone for industrial use such as inspection and patrol. The company was founded by a group of young and ambitious graduate students and post-doctors in 2016, who were members of a Japanese leading institute for the research of drone technology and autonomy. Liberaware is known for its technological strength and uniqueness that we design both Hardware (drone body) and Software (flight control system). Our ultra-size drone, IBIS, weighs just the same as the latest Iphone 11, with half a size of Ipad. The drone has been used by many Japanese companies for the inspection of their small, narrow, confined and dirty spaces where no other drones have ever gone, The value proposition of the industrial inspection carried out by a drone is very simple. Improving safety of the worker and reduce cost by replacing the man-labor by drones. IBIS enables the worker to remotely conduct visual inspection without entering hazardous or dangerous areas. No need for scaffold or any kind of preparation. IBIS will fly immediately and get the inspection done in hours. Simple, Easy and Optimized inspection with reduced downtime result in significantly less financial implications. Liberaware has also launched a data-analysis program which is to provide the customer with an optimized preventive maintenance solution by conducting an AI-based analysis of the inspection data taken by IBIS.


Adress : Fujimoto Daiichi Seimei Bldg 6F., 3-3-1 Chuo, Chuo-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba 260-0013 JAPAN

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Foundation Date : 22/8/2016


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