We are a company based in Luxembourg and in Togo that develops innovative financial services primarily intended for mobile use.

Through a mobile app Koosmik offers a free mobile-based financial services platform that allows both individuals and professionals to hold and manage an electronic account, real-time money transfers, process any type of payment, access a large network of partners and participate in a loyalty programme; a distinctive mobile banking experience from any connected device.

We are building the next generation mobile wallet in Africa tailored to young workers, students, entrepreneurs and businesses across the continent. 

Koosmik was founded in 2014 by Grégoire Yakan (CEO) in Luxembourg, with the intention to reduce the painpoints related to gaining access to innovative financial services. The platform launched a pilot phase in Luxembourg in June 2016, proving the concept and allowing it to raise over one Million Euros (2017) to initiate its commercial deployment in Africa. Our ambition, is to offer a financial service solution that would have have a positive impact on its userbase. Africa is among the most mature markets worldwide for the mass adoption of mobile-driven financial services like Koosmik, as the majority of the population remains unbanked and cash-centric. We have conceptualised Koosmik to be a one-stop-shop platform simplifying daily transactions between individuals, companies and local merchants. Moreover, to act as an entry point for higher value services.

We act independently from traditional banks and telecoms, furthermore, we want give our users the tools to manage their data and their finances freely using their smartphone. 

Contacts : 

Mr. Grégoire Yakan, CEO, gregoire.yakan@koosmikcorp.com

Mr. Victor Stevenin, Head of Operations, victor.stevenin@koosmikcorp.com

Mrs. Marion Dziedzic, Assistante Marketing, marion.dziedzic@koosmikcorp.com