IPLUS is a cost- reducing one stop system for startups to create, manage and commercialize their intellectual property with visual presentation.
We are devoted to transforming the way people discover new technology by linking intellectual property to related products and presenting such information in a visualized way so that design concepts behind legal documents can be understood without difficulty. 
Brilliant ideas deserve to be protected. However, inventors nowadays have to spend lots of time and money to have their deserved rights protect. Let alone the cost to maintain it. Lack of marketplace that allows right holders to dispose of unwanted or unaffordable intellectual property efficiently. With our system, over 50% of the cost can be saved. IPLUS, innovators’ shortcut from ideas to assets.        


Contacts :

Mr. Alfred Wu, CEO, alfred.yt.wu@gmail.com

Mr. Shaun Hsu, she30402@gmail.com


Website : https://ipplus.io/