Mainly, we want to help guitar players to find their personal sound. Typically, the best guitar sound comes from tube amplifiers, but different tube models and different circuits produce different sounds. Therefore, finding the right sound takes a lot of time and research, but in the end, guitar players end up with a trade-off between what's available, affordable and only lastly what suits them. 

Secondarily, since our technology stack ranges from soldering irons over low level programming languages to web technologies, we are – and have to be – really passionate about automating stuff, especially, when it comes to code quality and recurring tasks. 

We develop an interactive, video-based ordering process, where we ask guitar players polarising style questions – more of a modern sound or more of a classical taste? british or american? From their answers, we derive a matching circuit for their needs. From this circuit, we derive a mathematical model, that we emulate on a special hardware, that we develop. At the end, guitar players get amps, that suit them perfectly and are still as easy to use as their analogue counterparts. 

Also, we want other developers to profit from our knowledge and our experience with respect to automation, continuous integration/continuous deployment. 

The typical customer for our product is a guitar player who just outgrew his simple starter amp and doesn't want to try several amps or a andvanced guitarist, searching for his personal sound. 

Consulting-wise, we are the perfect jump start for companies that want to establish agile development that actually works and don't want to spend a lot of time and resources on research before getting started. 

Contacts : 

Mr. Florian Haupenthal, Co-Founder, florian@hakigo.de

Mr. Ali Kıraç, Co-Founder, ali@hakigo.de

Mr. Thomas Gören, Co-Founder, thomas@hakigo.de


Website : hakigo.de