eXate provides data access controls in order to ensure that sensitive attributes (such as names, addresses and passport numbers) are only viewed by the right people, at the right time and in the right geography. The eXate platform delivers trust between you and your customers by using technology to uphold your regulatory and internal policies on sensitive data.

The problem is that data privacy is hard, especially given the amount of applications and quality of data. The eXate solution is unique in that it is has been designed for micro data, as well as for global complex organisations with imperfect data. The platform consists of three engines: 

•    Rules Engine - For the digitisation of data policy, allowing it to be centrally queried and maintained while focusing on cross-border data transfers, internal policy and control of information

•    Anonymisation/Psuedonymisation Engine -  For data protection and applying restrictions on data

•    Reconstruction Engine - For automation of data policy enforcement by reconstructing protected data when in compliance with the Rules Engine

The engines may be used individually, or all three engines can be used together, allowing for an enterprise wide complete data protection solution.

To draw a parallel between the analog world and digital world, imagine cash being transported in the analog world by an armoured van in its protected bags as it travels to the ATM/cash machines. If bad guys try to steal that money and rip open the bags, an ink bomb goes off rendering the cash useless. In the digital world, data is the new cash. At eXate, we are the ink bomb for data, if it is stolen we render the data obsolete. 

eXate Benefits:
•    Digitalisation of data policy – Eliminating a  currently manual process, and allowing the policy to be maintained and queried in a central location.

•    Centralising the control and compliance of data – Creating efficiencies and significantly reducing cost.

•    Designed for complexity and imperfect data – We expect your data quality to be a challenge and help you to simplify it.

eXate Use Cases:
•    Centralised management of data policy

•    Testing with production data in non-production environments (either for new releases, or for testing with third parties)

•    Using technology to enforce data policy and regulatory requirements


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