EAGLYS provides Secure Computing Platform called "DataArmor", where any operations are executed over encrypted data in whole process without decryption. With DataArmor, any sensitive information can be managed and operated even on the public cloud by secure computing functions with quantum computer resistant. For any data scientist or manager of system, they can store, integrate, analyze and build/evaluate AI model without knowing contents of sensitive/private data, which accelerates the data utilization among departments and organization. We are accumulating usecases from target indusories such as finantial, marketing, manufacturing and medical.
We have competitive advantages i) functionalities and ii) performance of secure computing. DataArmor  has “SecureDB”, “Secure Query” (for Analysis)  and “SecureAI” as modules. Current performance of searching over SecureDB is less than 1.1x compared with non-encrypted data, that of SecureSQL is 1000x scale faster when applied to pattern analysis as one of applications, and that of SecureAI is more than 100x scale faster when applied to Deep Learning comparing to the world advanced research.
We have tractions more than 10 japanese leading companies, especially from Financial, Advertise/Marketing, Manufacturing, Energy, etc. One of public alliance in Advertise/Marketing sector  is with Hakuhodo DY Holdings (Hakuhodo Group) , which is  one of most leading companies in that sector. As to recognitions and awards, we are selected as first prize in Robot/AI/IoT sector at Mirai2019, and first prise at TechSirius2019, both of them are one of leading tech-base Japanese pitch events. We also are selected as one of representative companies from Japan at "HIYAKU Next Enterprise" program by MEXT JETRO (from Japanese govement) and Deloitte.

Contacts : 

Mr. Hiroki Imabayashi, CEO, imabayashi@eaglys.co.jp

Mrs. Ai Ohara, PR/ Affairs, ohara@eaglys.co.jp

Mr. Michal Kiezik, Business Development, michal.kiezik@eaglys.co.jp