Dtonic Corporation

Business/ Company Introduction
Dtonic specializes in treating spatio-temporal (space and time) big data and providing data analytics and data engineering services for specialized Industry 4.0 industries. 

 Dtonic spun off from Hyundai Motor Company in 2014 and has won several nominations and awards.
Product/ Service
An innovative spatio-temporal big data engine called “Geo-Hiker”, allows cost-effective, high-speed, and easy big data aggregation, storing, processing, and analysis of large big data sets across computer clusters.
 Wherever there is big data containing both space and time information, Geo-Hiker can be applied to variable applications and expanded to AI.


Main Technology
“Geo-Hiker” with built-in:
- High-effeciency architecture (50x hardware cost savings)
- High-speed processing (system speed 40x improvement)
- Spatio-temporal operation functions (>80+)
- Variable analytics algorithms (>60+, Clustering, Classification, etc.)
- Supported Machine Learning including Deep Learning
- 100% compatibility with Hadoop/Spark Eco-system support
- Multi-programming language support
- Stand-alone tool or system integration through provided API