CYBAVO is a leading cybersecurity company based in Taiwan focused in offering institutional-level private key custody solutions for enterprises and financial institutions dealing with cryptocurrency and other digital assets.  

The company was founded in 2018 by a team of experts from cybersecurity, blockchain and financial industries. Today, CYBAVO technology protects more than USD 8B in cryptocurrency transactions for dozens of enterprises and institutional customers globally, including top cryptocurrency exchanges in Asia.

CYBAVO unique key management technology allows us to offer secure and user-friendly digital asset custody for enterprise for virtual asset service providers and other companies working with digital assets. Our solutions include a digital asset custody platform, an exchange solution and a mobile cryptowallet SDK:

- CYBAVO VAULT is a secure cryptocurrency and digital asset custody and management platform designed to fulfill VASPs business requirements in terms of security, liquidity, control and compliance. CYBAVO VAULT encryption mechanism based on a shared responsibility model, together with MPC technology and mature encryption algorithms eliminate the risk of assets theft caused by security breaches or by internal malicious employees.

- CYBAVO Exchange Solution has been designed for crypto currency exchanges, payment gateways looking to enable cryptocurrency payments, and other VASP working with cryptocurrencies. It allows to securely manage and automate the digital currency deposits and withdrawals from the customers. 
The solution provides: 
* User deposit address creation.
* Deposit and collection automation and policies.
* Withdrawal automation and policies.
* Easy API integration.

CYBAVO VAULT and Exchange Solution technology is now insured against asset theft by a S&P AA-rated global insurance company based in Europe.

- CYBAVO Wallet SDK offers a complete mobile crypto wallet development framework for service providers to easily create keyless wallets for their users. The wallet SDK includes a comprehensive backend management platform and a fully operational crypto wallet code to have a wallet ready with no effort.

CYBAVO turn-key solutions offer security and ease of adoption to VASPs regardless of their size. For more information, visit