The “Carta-Frete” or “freight letter”, is a payment method used in trrhe TRC Market, which consists of issuing credit documents with freight charges due to the carrier, usually TAC, not supported by the oficial financial system. Today only 11% of the market is in compliance with legal obligations. Our purpose is to change this scenario and do the entire logistical chain adequate to the legislation. The "Carta-Frete" can be exchanged by the carrier at gas stations, usually in compulsory exchange for fuel, food and accommodation, with the balance received in cash and / or check. There are several reports of goodwill collection for the “cash discount” of the freight letter and higher diesel prices when this instrument is used. 
CargoBank transform and improve the financial lives of drivers, entrepreneurs, employees and family members in the logistics chain through digital account and a pre paid credit card and our dream is Include all of them in the digital economy.