Calligo is a data optimization and privacy specialist. 

We believe that data privacy should be the starting point for any interaction with data. 

Our unique collection of services covers the entire data journey, from capture and storage to analysis, monetization and archival - with data privacy embedded at every step. 

We provide a collection of privacy-first services for a business’ entire data journey: 
– public & hybrid cloud
– data analytics
– artificial intelligence
– archival & erasure services

All of which are supported by data privacy consultancy and compliance services, with specific assistance with national, international and industry-specific data protection obligations. 

Founded in 2012, Calligo’s public and hybrid cloud platforms were the first to be designed with data privacy at their core, rejecting the industry’s myopic focus on cloud basics such as uptime and scalability. 

Calligo is one of the first independent cloud service providers to offer Microsoft Azure Stack and has datacentres in the United Kingdom, Jersey, Guernsey, Switzerland, Canada, Singapore and Luxembourg. 

Our data analytics and artificial intelligence services will be available on either a typical subscription basis, or through an innovative utility computing consumption model, making these transformative technologies accessible to all businesses regardless of size or in-house expertise.


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