ESGRobo is a specialist last mile enabler of Environmental, Social and Governance data generation for SME companies. UN Sustainable Development Goals and Paris Climate Agreement requires coordinated action and the regulators, capital providers and clients around the world are increasing their demand for climate and social footprint reporting from companies. 

ESGRobo caters to ESG specific needs of reporting companies, brands & multi-national companies, SRI & impact investors, banks & financial institutions and multi-lateral agencies.

ESGRobo’s reporting management toolkit is GRI certified. A mix of technology and expert staff assists reporting companies with strategy and gap analysis, ESG data collection, disclosure to metrics conversion, narrative drafting and communication. 

The company's research and data services assist ESG investors with impact assessment, monitoring & evaluation, due diligence, screening of portfolio, coverage maintenance, controversy Monitoring and benchmarking.

ESGRobo is GRI certified platform, and is registered as a member of Asia’s largest impact network AVPN. ESGRobo’s parent company Bizness Analytics Inc, data & analytics provider, is certified by GRI and is an Advanced Technology Partner of AWS. 

As of May 2019, the company has network partners in Nigeria, UAE, Singapore, Turkey and India. 

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Mr. Sandeep Raghuwanshi, CEO,

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