ArcRan Information Technology Inc.

ArcRan is a company focused in IoT, V2X, and 5G security. Our core technologies are in RF/DSRC/C-V2X signal and packet analysis. We also provide IoT security testing service. 

Our main solutions are: (1) iSecMaster: It monitors the wireless signal packet and wired network packet in the physical field. Through the machine learning technology, it learns the operating behavior of the field assets, and instantly detects abnormal activities and advanced network attacks. (2) 5G SecNet: We help you plan and deploy cybersecurity protection in 5G private network. Through comprehensive management process – prevention, detect & response, we solve cyber threats from core network to edge devices. Tools in our solution include 5G MEC Honeypot, 5G ProbeX, and xDR Data Analysis. All helps enterprise to achieve comprehensive protection.

Our solutions have been adopted by clients in government units, finance, manufacturing, hospitals, and aviation industries. We work with business partners from Japan and Malaysia to penetrate international market.