Zee Zheng, CEO, Co-founder SpaceChain

Hilal Tufan

Zee Zheng is the co-founder and CEO of SpaceChain, which is a community-based space platform that combines space and blockchain technologies to build the world’s first open-source blockchain-based satellite network, allowing users to develop and run decentralized applications in space. He is also an early adopter in Bitcoin. 
Before that, he founded an education start up , he has also worked at Hilton , Cathay Pacific, Swire group, YongAn Brokers and a hedge fund, and is the founding partner of HQ Capital , a VC that focuses on investing in disruptive technologies. 
Zee Zheng will come to Luxembourg for the first time this year and it represents a unique opportunity for professionals to share his expertise so do not miss his presentation and meet him next May 21st afternoon !

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