Startup Village: Focus On VR2 Planets, an Immersion on Mars

Written by Boitcha Laïfa on April 12th, 2018

VR2Planets develops customised applications in virtual reality, they target geosciences and education for a quality 3D viewing experience and provide a total immersion in a specific universe, to or hardly accessible. Discover more below

Vr2Planets’ applications in virtual reality offer a travel in different planets. In the Start-Up Village conference, they will offer a total immersion in the edutainment’s environment of the red planet in 3D.
The participants will have the opportunity to explore Mars, to discover it, as if they really are in the planet, for the first time and also interact with the different programs such as ExoMars or the rover Curiosity, less the medical assistant.
All the information showed such as pictures or videos the result of the exploration of all the different type of source such as the rovers present on Mars.

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