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With the creation of Emios, Mixvoip and Datacenter.eu aim to Shape Connectivity

Last December, Datacenter.eu took a share in the capital of Mixvoip. Today, the two companies announced the creation of a joint entity, Emios. Manuel Coelho, Managing Director of Datacenter.eu and Loic Didelot, CEO of Mixvoip, explain the stakes behind this initiative.

What are the reasons for the rapprochement between your two companies?
LD: "This reflects a dual strategy consisting in increasing market share and creating synergies."
"First, Mixvoip has a very strong position in the SME market with steady growth in the medium sector. Of course, we also have references in the enterprise market but this is where we believe that Datacenter's contribution will bring a powerful leverage effect."
"Today, we are serving over 45,000 extensions across 12 countries through our own developed telephony solution. Datacenter.eu's experience and know-how will help Mixvoip to structure its products for the enterprise market and comply with industry standards such as ISO 27001."

"Besides that, Mixvoip and Datacenter.eu's services and products broadly overlap when it comes to Internet connectivity. By combining our teams, know-how and financial resources, we can bring up our capabilities to a higher level."

MC: "Datacenter.eu is committed to facilitating digital transformation within organizations and giving them direct access to a comprehensive set of ready to use the cloud, colocation and connectivity solutions hosted in Luxembourg. Adding Mixvoip's strong expertise in telephony services to Datacenter.eu’s capabilities will strengthen our global value proposition. Additionally, our respective expertise in the fields of connectivity and the Internet will put us in a better position to meet our customers' and partners' expectations."

What role will your new joint entity play?

LD: "The ambition of our new joint company, Emios, is to increase the bandwidth delivered to businesses in Luxembourg. In today's world, businesses need more of everything when it comes to the Internet: more bandwidth, more security, more features."
"The investments in manpower, compliance, hardware, and architecture are enormous and the barrier to entering the market with a countrywide coverage is challenging. By combining Mixvoip's Internet backbone with Datacenter.eu's connectivity capabilities, we can deliver more of what today's businesses require."

MC: "The accelerated digitization of our economy is driving the demand for powerful infrastructure services to enhance the digital value chain. To tackle this challenge head-on, it is absolutely essential to have an ambitious partner who shares our vision of becoming one of the most important providers of Internet, connectivity and telephony services in Luxembourg."

What are your long-term ambitions for Emios?

LD: "Beyond basic Internet, Emios will invest massively in countrywide coverage in order to provide higher bandwidth - starting from 3 Gbit up to 10 Gbit, and even Dark Fibre. Those technologies will be enhanced by features that are no longer options today but true business requirements such as monitoring, redundancy, DDoS protection, encrypted secured point to point lines, and fast path connectivity towards public cloud providers such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google, or Huawei. Emios will definitely help partners, resellers, IT integrators and businesses to fill one gap in their digitization strategy."

MC: "Through Emios, our ambition is to meet the increased demand for connectivity solutions coming from our customers and partners by shaping today the connectivity solutions of tomorrow without compromising on simplicity, quality, speed, security and resilience."


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