Who are the most promising FinTechs in Europe?

Alexandre Keilmann

In the first part of this year’s Fintech Summit, the organizers have brought together a great number of local and international experts. First, they will participate to a session entitled “Beyond Covid-19: a world of opportunities for FinTech companies”. A round table will bring together European fintech experts Don Ginsel, Tom Holgersson, Alex Panican and Francisco Estevan. They will discuss “the most promising Fintechs in Europe”.


Don Ginsel is Founder and CEO of Holland FinTech, driving forward global financial innovation, from a strong base in Amsterdam. Don trained as a civil engineer but has been mostly active in financial services and venture capital.

Tom Holgersson is the Director of Innovation, Scale-up and Expansion, Findec Sweden's Fintech hub. He is developing strategies for the hub to boost the Swedish fintech ecosystem, and how to engage different stakeholders in the private and governmental sector.

Alex Panican is the Head of Partnerships and Ecosystem at the Luxembourg House of Financial Technology Foundation – LHoFT. Alex is an entrepreneur and a professor in Business Strategy and Marketing. He holds an MBA in Strategy from the University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada.

Francisco Estevan co-founded Innsomnia Accelerator, the first fintech accelerator in Spain and the first Digital Innovation Hub in the field of fintech and insurtech, as recognized by the European Union. He is also Founder and Advisor at both LocalEurope Consulting and tufinanZiacion.com.

Pauline Brunel holds the position of Venture Capital Investment Manager at BlackFin Tech, a Fintech focused VC fund, leading Seed - Series B rounds across Europe.


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