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Web3, a new reality

The whole tech world is talking about the arrival of web3 and this raises the question of how the future of web3 resonates with the future of the internet. It offers a new reality which would be secure, decentralized, democratized and has the power to transform the way people interact with each other in the digital world. Led by Giulia Iannucci, Social entrepreneur and CEO of KnowThyBrand, the global tech conference ICT Spring featured a specific session around the theme “Web3, a new reality” last June 30 together with seasoned experts in AI, Tech, Finance and Marketing.

Web3 and the Human touch? 

Mike Butcher, a distinguished Journalist and Editor-at-large at TechCrunch, opened the afternoon session with a captivating fireside chat featuring Evelyn Mora, the visionary CEO and Founder of VLGE. VLGE is a no-code world-building platform that empowers creators and brands to construct stunning, immersive experiences. The discussion centred around the question, “Why is the immersive web the future and relevant for Brands?”. Surprisingly, the answer lies in enabling diversity, highlighting the pivotal role of inclusivity in shaping the future of technology. This conclusion seamlessly paved the way for the next speaker, Aurore Geraud, Senior Researcher at L’Atelier BNP Paribas. Aurore explored the Metaverse and web3, focusing on their potential social impact. The Metaverse, as Aurore explained, has the potential to reintroduce a sense of “humanity” to the tech world. The Metaverse can grant artists in autocratic countries an unprecedented audience by providing a platform that transcends censorship.

Nevertheless, a pertinent question arises: Is the Metaverse merely an illusion defined by its ephemeral nature? Addressing this thought-provoking query, Dimitri Girbone, Web3 Specialist and Founder of Cypher Labs delivered a captivating keynote speech. Dimitri sought to demystify the complex subject of Web3, NFTs, and the Metaverse. Contrary to popular belief, Dimitri elucidated that the Metaverse’s current trajectory is not solely focused on the virtual realm. Rather, it aims to foster a connected and global experience that transcends geographical boundaries. Through these insightful discussions, it became evident that the immersive web and the emergence of the Metaverse will reshape our technological landscape while offering unprecedented opportunities for diversity and social cohesion. 

AI, Web3, Metaverse and the Future of Business

As the afternoon progressed, Dr Emilia Tantar, Chief Data and AI Officer at Black Swan LUX, assembled a panel of industry experts with Bea Longworth, Government Affairs EMEA at NVIDIA, Alex Stratulat, Blockchain Architect and the CEO & Founder of SourceLess, Michael Chobanian, President of the Blockchain Association of Ukraine and Prof. Dr Philipp Slusallek, the Executive Director of DFKI German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence. Together, they delved into a fascinating discussion on the future impact of AI on businesses and society. This dialogue yielded three key takeaways:

  1. Firstly, it was unanimously agreed that AI has the potential to enhance productivity in any business significantly. Integrating AI with blockchain technology was identified as a catalyst for accelerating growth exponentially. As a result, companies were encouraged to embrace AI practices and tools promptly.
  2. Furthermore, the discussion emphasised the importance of collaboration at the European level to achieve digital sovereignty. It was recognised that joint efforts and partnerships would be instrumental in shaping a future where Europe can assert its independence in the digital world. 
  3. Finally, the panellists highlighted the necessity of discussing AI’s social inclusion aspect. Recognising its transformative power, they stressed the need to address and prioritise the equitable integration of AI to ensure a game-changing impact on society.

The afternoon concluded with three additional sessions that further enriched the conference. The first session explored the future of Smart Cities, featuring Laurent Marochini, Head of Innovation at Societe Generale Securities Services, and Manila Di Giovanni, the visionary Founder & CEO of DWorld. Manila’s innovative platform recreates smarter, greener, and futuristic cities (citiverse), offering users captivating experiences and a revolutionary social virtual reality environment that seamlessly combines all major economic sectors.

Next, Emmanuel Moyrand, the CEO of AZTEQ & META FRANCE VP, took the stage to provide a practical vision of the Metaverse. Emmanuel highlighted its transformative potential by describing it as a digital version of our world. The Metaverse enables people to interact, work, learn, and play within a three-dimensional environment, revolutionising how we engage with the digital realm. Its implications span diverse sectors, including entertainment, education, commerce, and more. Finally, the afternoon concluded with a powerful keynote speech delivered by Harry Lars Ghillemyn, a Luxembourg law-qualified lawyer specialising in Web3. As one of the founders of the Luxembourg House of Web3, the leading organisation in Web3 and distributed ledger technology in Luxembourg, Harry shared valuable insights into this evolving landscape, leaving the audience with a thought-provoking conclusion to the day’s events.