Want to Challenge Chess World Champion Elvira Berend?

Written by Alexandre Keilmann on May 9th, 2018

ICT Spring echoes with business, technology and digital, but it also means fun and games. Elvira Berend, the Chess World Champion in the Women’s 50+ category, will be in Luxembourg next May 15th and 16th, at the ECCL. She was crowned on November 19th, 2017, in Italy, after a second place in 2016. She will welcome players of all levels at the 360Crossmedia Chess Zone.


Patience, Perseverance & Preparation: the game of chess requires a unique analytical mind, an outstanding memory to remember the hundreds of potential moves, a fighting spirit through the entire game and the ability to learn, outgrow and outperform your opponent.

In this respect, it is similar to leading a business in many ways, but also to creating new business models or even disrupting current environments. Therefore, playing against a world champion will give the participants of ICT Spring the opportunity to challenge themselves when it comes to problem solving, concentration and anticipation.

Would you dare challenging Elvira Berend?

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