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Virtual credit cards: Benefits at a glance

Compared to other payment methods, virtual credit cards have numerous advantages. They're quick to create and issue, and you can use them instantly. 
With Pliant, you can enjoy all the benefits of virtual cards. Pliant is perfect for companies of all sizes that want to plug in a corporate credit card solution that works beautifully from day one.

How do virtual credit cards work?
Virtual credit cards work like physical credit cards for online payments.

Are virtual cards legal and safe?
Yes, they are perfectly legal and issued by legitimate card providers. They’re normal credit cards that just happen to be in digital form. Virtual cards offer even greater security and speed compared to traditional credit and payment cards. They have the same security features, such as CVV code and two-factor authentication.

For what kind of companies are digital cards useful?
Virtual credit cards are beneficial for all companies that have online transactions and want to streamline their subscription payments.
It’s not uncommon for a business to have several monthly SaaS payments. Virtual cards are particularly handy for these types of recurring online payments. Depending on your needs, you can create multiple virtual cards for different purposes, projects, and merchants. As virtual cards are dedicated to certain expenses, it’s easier for management to understand and keep track of payments made by employees. This also makes accounting more efficient.
Benefits of Pliant virtual credit cards include fast availability, better security, simplified accounting, full cost control, high spending limit, high credit line, up to 1% cashback, and more.
Virtual cards, together with a digital business credit card solution, give you the following advantages:

  • Digital overview of the expenses of individual employees in real time
  • Submit invoices quickly in the app
  • Manage recurring charges (i.e. assign a virtual card for each subscription)
  • Link an existing company account and start seeing the benefits immediately 

Here’s how you create virtual cards in the Pliant app:
You can create a Pliant virtual credit card in seconds.
First, book a demo and learn how Pliant works – no strings attached.
You can apply for a Pliant card online, and onboarding is fully digital too. 
Once the process is complete, you’ll have access to the Pliant app. With just a few clicks, you can invite your employees and manage their user rights.
You can decide individually for each employee what type of card you want to issue them. In addition to virtual credit cards, Pliant also offers blue and black corporate credit cards.
When you issue a virtual credit card to your employee, they can use it instantly.