The most connected Healthcare conference of the year

Written by Alexandre Keilmann on April 28th, 2016

With the advent of connected healthcare, the industry and new actors keep coming with disruptive and innovative solutions that benefit the patient but also the practitioners. International and local experts will gather at the ECCL (European Convention Center Luxembourg) on May 10 to discuss the latest stakes and challenges of the health industry in this unique conference organized in parallel of ICT Spring Europe 2016.


Innovation is the keyword
The complexity of the healthcare sector means that disruptive technology is complicated to develop. However innovative new products remain essential they can daily transform our society. They provide new and different perspectives that, in the long run, tend to reduce costs and complexity in favor of improved access and the empowerment of patients. Truffle Capital builds and accompanies high-potential companies that are developing disruptive technologies in life sciences and information technology sectors. Dr. Philippe Pouletty, Biotechnology pioneer and co-founder of Truffle Capital which created the first artificial heart and Biotechnology pioneer, will electrify the audience and share his experience through a keynote speech entitled “Radical Innovation is less risky”.


Opportunity and challenges
Today, healthcare sector have to address a number of challenges posed by medical and scientific advancement. Technology seems to enforce a more individualized approach to healthcare, often outside the hospital setting. Many other ambitious ideas about possible developments in the field of healthcare are also considered. As an expert, Reinhard Schneider, Head of the Bioinformatics Core facility, Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB), will share his vision of the future of the healthcare sector. In parallel to his biology academic career, Reinhard Schneider was involved in several startup projects in Germany and Luxembourg.


More data than ever
Healthcare information technology can improve the coordination of care between providers and facilitate clinical decision-making. But how to protect patient from data breaches ? What is the best option to safely and securely store them? Maxine Mackintosh, Managing Director, HealthTech Women UK, will tackle this topic and its implications through her presentation: “The healthcare Savannah: The Big 5 of Big Data”. Her non-profit organization aims at empowering women with the expertise and network to revolutionize the future of medical technologies, leading disruptive innovation within the healthcare sector.


Also with the participation of Christian Tidona (Founder & Managing Director, BioMed X), Aubrey De Grey (Chief Science Officer, Sens Research Foundation), Sylvie Bove (CEO, EIT Health) and Carlos Jaime (Head of Health & Medical Equipment Division, Samsung Electronic France).

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