The Greater Region: a land of opportunities for startups and companies

Interreg represents a prevailing actor in the support of cross-border companies and startups. They have been working on two main projects so as to boost activity in the Greater Region. On the one hand, the PUSH.GR focuses on opening opportunities for startups and stimiluting networking. On the other hand, the Interreg-Project aims at developing companies‘ sustainability by increasing their productivity. 

Interreg-Project PUSH.GR:
Platform for entrepreneurs and students of the universities in the Greater Region – An awareness-raising, counselling and networking international project
During the start-up and development phase, the opportunities offered by the Greater Region are often not recognised. That is why the PUSH.GR project has set itself the goal of sustainably facilitating cross-border cooperation in business start-ups and networking, so that new cooperation partners and markets are opened up.
Communication based on best practice start-up initiatives will draw more attention to the career option of business start-ups. In addition, the range of advisory services will be improved through research on the legal and fiscal framework conditions in the Greater Region and by highlighting the cross-border possibilities for business financing. Cross-border mediation and matchmaking formats will strengthen the networking of companies in the Greater Region and round off the offer.
All these elements will be elaborated and published on an innovative, attractive and trilingual communication platform with a data-protected user area.
Consortium: | Belgium: Creaction International Belgium SPRL, Université de Liège – Campus Arlon | France: Grand E-nov, Pépinière d‘entreprises INTERFACES EURODEV CENTER, ISEETECH | Germany: EUROKEY Software GmbH, Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft des Saarlandes, Hochschule Trier, Technische Universität Kaiserslautern, Universität des Saarlandes, Universität Trier | Luxembourg: Technoport SA-Belval

Interreg-Project Prodpilot:
The INTERREG V A project "Productivity Pilot for SMEs in the Greater Region" (PRODPILOT) aims to accompany companies in the Greater Region in analysing and increasing their productivity through selected process innovations. Particular attention is paid to companies in the automotive industry, mechanical and plant engineering, environmental technology and logistics. The cross-border business location of the Greater Region is thus to be strengthened in the long term and small and medium-sized enterprises in particular are to be equipped for international competition. 
Together with you as a company, we analyse how to increase systematically and sustainably your productivity through targeted measures.
In addition, the PRODPILOT team develops further measures from which the companys can
•    Development of an online platform with a self-analysis tool for measuring productivity for companies, with which you can independently assess measures to increase the productivity of your company.
•    Development of a training concept with the help of which your employees learn to recognise and understand relevant potentials for increasing competitiveness.
•    Establishment of an international productivity award to honour process innovations and to further promote and make visible the competitiveness of the cross-border business location.

Consortium: Belgium: LENTIC – Université de Liège | Fance: ISEETECH, LCOMS – Université de Lorraine | Germany: ed-media e.V., Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft des Saarlandes | Luxembourg: Université de Luxembourg

Interreg will disclose further information about both projects at the ICT Spring, occurring on June 30th and July 1st. Be part of the event to not miss their booth, and more!

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