The Freedom to choose

Written by on May 6th, 2016

“Organizations everywhere are realizing the potential that Mac brings to their employees, by giving them the freedom to use the tools they already know and love”
IBM is transforming the workplace by integrating existing Apple devices of employees into the business, and rolling out new Apple devices as a standard refresh option for employees who wanted them. What became known as the Mac@IBM initiative, allowed staff to quickly, easily and securely gain network access, connect to email and download business applications. We observe that at IBM more than 60% of employees choose an Apple device.


The business benefits of doing so were not only immediate, they were significant. IBM now has 150,000 MacOS and iOS devices connected to the business (IBM is deploying 1,900 Macs per week), and the ease of use means just 5% of Mac users are calling IT support, compared to the 40% of PC users which do.
With the business transformation taking place, Mac@Work is the catalyst driving engagement and user experience where Apple provides the best end-user experience, and IBM provides the best deployment and enablement solutions.


“A breath of fresh air for IT”


End users want device choices at work and they expect seamless access to information and personalized support. At IBM, we describe this as the Superior End User experience. For clients to be able to provide this experience and meet the growing demands of the work force, they must start to offer choices in devices. This could be provided by a bring-your-own-device (or BYOD) program, or by a corporate program which expands past Windows devices and also offers Macs. Today’s digital workforce wants to use Mac devices to be productive at the office and on the go. Companies want to attract the right talent and boost employee satisfaction and are rethinking their approach to the the workplace.


IBM’s journey has demonstrated significant opportunities to transform the end user experience.  From how to order the device, configure, manage, support and disposition – translating into an entirely new life-cycle approach. The approach also liberated IT as there’s no need for IT to install additional tools or lock down functionality for employees. And with an automated zero-touch deployment process, they don’t even have to open the box before roll out, allowing employee to retain the full intended Apple experience.
The insights and expertise IBM gained has led to the launch of IBM Managed Mobility Services for Mac, integrating OS X devices into your digital workplace smoothly and securely while offering a personalized experience for your users.

This complete end-to-end solution helps establish and maintain governance for OS X devices, enabling over-the-air and zero-touch configuration, as well as full enterprise integration for BYOD programs and corporate-owned devices.


“Between lower support costs and higher residual values, every Mac we deploy makes and saves money for IBM”

Fletcher Previn, VP of Workplace as a Service, IBM


IBM would like to share benefits our transformation and give you some inspiration around how you might also embark on this journey, please visit our session …….


Heena Jethwa


GTS Mobility Leader (BeNeLux)

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