Startups Village: get in touch with the exhibitors…virtually!

Alexandre Keilmann

With ICT Spring just around the corner – the European tech summit will take place on September 15th and 16th – the organizers are happy to announce that more than 30 young companies will showcase their latest solutions and innovations in the Startups Village. After registering online, participants will be able digitally walk through the alleys and discover amazing startups.


Historically, the exhibitions area, with its innovative booths that provide a unique visitor experience, has been a key component of ICT Spring since its very first edition more than 10 years ago. Thanks to the creation of a digital Startups Village, the young and innovative companies will have the opportunity to engage directly with participants and present innovative products and services, one device to another, through a live chat!


Want to discover which startups will participate to this year’s ICT Spring. Here is the complete list:

Treezor: “Treezor is an independent provider and a banking-as-a-service platform (BaaS) for Fintechs. Founded in Paris, Treezor owns a European License (ACPR) and is one of the approved suppliers for MasterCard”

Investify TECH: “investify TECH was founded to solve the current challenges in the securities business using technology. Our customers include renowned financial institutions such as banks, as well as non-financials such as finance portals and technology companies”

CYBAVO: “A leading cybersecurity company based in Taiwan focused in offering institutional-level private key custody solutions for enterprises and financial institutions dealing with cryptocurrency and other digital assets”

Dhruva Space: “A space tech startup specialized in application agnostic small satellites. Our vision is to make access to space and space based applications effortless for our potential customers”

Tagabut Gateway: “Tarabut Gateway is MENA's first and largest regulated Open Banking platform that connects a regional network of banks and FinTechs via a universal application programming interface”

VeCrear: “VeCrear, a technology house located in Bangalore, India, is focused on creating innovative products and solutions for the smart world”

Moonscape: “Moonscape is a lunar services and payload transportation company that provides necessary services like communication relay and cutting-edge imaging, while delivering payloads to the Moon”

Atidot: “Atidot provides a unique AI and Machine Learning Software solution that produces actionable insights into policyholder behavior, producer behavior, price trends, product mix, distribution success and risk modeling”

DX Compliance: “Leading the market in AML Transaction Monitoring software for Private Banks, B2B Challenger Banks and Payments companies”

STEALIEN: “STEALIEN Inc. is an information security company, which provides cutting-edge technology in a convenient way. Over 80% of the employees are in the department of R&D, as white hackers”

Cikisi: “Cikisi is a European company, that can be considered as a Master in Web Intelligence and Social Media Intelligence, resulting of the deep reflection based on the long previous experience of its founders in the industry.

Liberaware: “Liberaware is a Japanese company designing and manufacturing ultra-small drone for industrial use such as inspection and patrol”

NARA Space Technology: NARA Space Technlogy (NST), specializes in the design, development, integration, and testing of Nano-Satellite and Small Space Systems to provide the best service for your mission. In addition, NST is capable of deep-learning-based satellite data analytics”

ArcRan: “ArcRan is a company focused in IoT, V2X, and 5G security. Our core technologies are in RF/DSRC/C-V2X signal and packet analysis. We also provide IoT security testing service”

CargoBank: “Cargo Bank is a fintech that proposes a digital payment arrangement in the letter-freight system, integrating carriers, drivers and service networks”

Citalid: “The Citalid platform combines threat and business intelligence to identify the risks scenarios you face and dynamically quantify your financial exposure to cyber risk and the best strategy to mitigate it, balancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness”

Optimum Supply: “Optimum Supply has the purpose of generating value for the Supply Chain, with disruptive processes that use innovative technologies and that provide a unique experience to users”

Dunya Habitats: “Dunya is a responsible mission-based agritech start-up based in Canada, that delivers a proven commercial-grade year-round sustainable farming solution to help optimize crop production in any climate condition using hydroponic growing and data analytics”

Focus Data: “Ficus Data Inc. is aiming at developing core technologies for customized IC design services & FinTech. The company is committed to providing expertise, skills, and practical experience in financial innovation services, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics”

Cookie Langs: “We provide AI language learning and entertainment apps that people can talk with their favorite Hollywood, Chinese and Korean stars, or animated characters”


MINDsLab: “MINDs Lab provides AI solutions and SaaS based AI services such as Education AI, AI Contact Center, and API Services through various types of AI engines with its AI Platform, ''”

GoEPIK: “Based on Lean methodology, GoEPIK is a hyper customizable platform that allows you to execute, manage and optimize all processes in real time with speed, autonomy and flexibility - all in one place”

Skwiq: “.Skwiq has a universal payment platform based on KYC, which acts as a third party trust between a customer and a merchant site to guarantee the reliability of both parties”

NewRocket: “NewRocket is developing advanced, environmentally friendly ("Green Propulsion"), rocket engines based on innovative, hypergolic, bi-propellant gel technology”

AIDOT: “AIDOT is a Medical/Healthcare ICT company established in 2014. “Our medical diagnosis AI solutions will contribute to reducing the imbalance of medical healthcare majorly caused by a lack of training and resources”

Food4All: “F4A standing for Food4All is a service company aiming to reduce food waste on a supermarket worldwide level, by promoting short-term consumption products and optimizing the food supply chain thanks to its 360° tech solutions”

Astrome Technologies: “Astrome is a leader in millimeter-wave technology. Our patented inventions present endless possibilities of how all software-defined beam-forming technology will shape the future of communications both terrestrially and in space”

INFINIQ: “INFINIQ is a specialized company of Data service such as Data collection & Annotation for AI development with high quality data”

Jooxter: “Jooxter is a workplace management mobile and web application that helps your employees to find available meeting rooms, collaborative spaces, flexdesks and even parking places in real time”

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