Simone Tertoolen, Designer and Founder, MINOIS

Simone Tertoolen is the founder of MINOIS, a company designing smart minimalists handbags. 

 " A bag is actually the ultimate wearable. We bring it every time and everywhere. It should be flexible to match our busy lives: walking; cycling; just moving around. And like true wearable, it should be smart and be prepared for situations that happen in a busy life, like an empty phone." explained Simone. 

Simone will come at ICT Spring to share some lessons she learned about developing 'smart products’. Not too focused on Fashion tech, Simone has a real experience of applying IoT principles to daily life products and this is partly due to her previous experiences.


Indeed, prior to create MINOIS, she learned the design profession in Paris (Ecole Nationale Supérieure) and in Delft (Netherlands). She worked for Siemens VDO Automotive and TNO Automotive where she developed her skills in automotive interaction design. She also worked for TomTom while studying Artificial Intelligence at the VU University in Amsterdam where she gained a thorough understanding of designing, developing and delivering complex software solutions.

Discover the new generation of connected handbags with Simone Tertoolen next May 22nd at ICT Spring!   

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