Results of EU research and innovation, EU open data: did you know you have access to a wealth of information and opportunities for free?

Raw material to success is sometimes costly and affordable only by large players. Thankfully, this is not always the case. Perhaps you are not aware that somewhere a big opportunity is waiting for you…and it is for free! Check the following two services managed by the Publications Office of the European Union, the official publisher of the EU institutions, agencies and bodies.

CORDIS: your path to the results of EU research and innovation

Are you looking for state-of–the-art technologies and scientific breakthroughs? Are you interested in developing innovative products? If so, CORDIS definitely has something for you.

What is CORDIS?

CORDIS is the European Commission’s primary source of results from the projects funded by the EU’s framework programmes for research and innovation. 
Its mission is to bring research results to professionals in the field in order to foster open science, create innovative products and services and stimulate growth across Europe.

What can I find on CORDIS?

CORDIS has a rich and structured public repository with all project information held by the European Commission such as project factsheets, participants, reports, deliverables and links to open-access publications.
CORDIS also produces its own range of publications and articles to make it easier for you to find relevant results that you can use in your domain. The print editions are in English while the web versions are also available in French, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish.

•    Research*eu highlights the most promising project outcomes in a range of domains, with a focus on a particular theme in every issue. Published 10 times a year, you can browse it online, order a print edition and subscribe for free postal delivery worldwide.

•    CORDIS results packs are collections of up-to-date articles that focus on a specific theme for specialised audiences. They are available online and as print brochures.

•    Results in brief are articles that summarise the main outcomes at the end of each selected project, explaining the project’s achievements and shining a spotlight on the next steps.

•    News and events are articles that provide topical updates from ongoing projects, as well as articles contributed directly by project teams.

On you can also browse the contents, search the database or set up customised email or web-feed (RSS) notifications. You can download all data in reusable formats from the EU Open Data Portal.


Promote your project on CORDIS
If you are part of an EU-funded research and innovation project, we can help you tell the world about your research.

Tweet with CORDIS

When tweeting about exciting developments taking place within your project, please mention @CORDIS_EU and we will retweet to our thousands of followers.

Announce your news and events via CORDIS Wire

Wire is a free web application that allows you to submit your own articles and upcoming events and link them to your project page on CORDIS.

Have a dedicated article written by CORDIS

Get in touch with us if you have tangible results you want to share and our specialised writers will highlight your most important results in an article that will be available in six languages.


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The EU Open Data Portal: your point of access to data from the EU institutions, agencies and bodies

Are you looking for easy access to EU data? Do you want to reuse data for research, an article, an application or a new product or service? Welcome to the European Union Open Data Portal!

What is open data?
Open data is information made available by public authorities to facilitate its reuse. This is done by making data available on the web to anyone for free and easy reuse. ‘Open’ means lowering barriers to ensure the widest and easiest accessibility for reuse with no administrative, legal or technical restrictions.

What is the EU Open Data Portal?

The EU Open Data Portal is the central point of access to a growing range of data held by the EU institutions, agencies and bodies. It currently contains more than 13 500 datasets as well as 97 visualisation applications and reuse examples.

Users of the portal can easily search, explore, download and reuse the data for commercial or non-commercial purposes, thanks to a catalogue using common metadata. The portal also offers functionalities enabled by semantic technologies which facilitate data linking.

Who needs open data?

Obviously, data is an essential raw material for IT developers and businesses that can create innovative online products and services on the back of it and build on new possibilities to analyse and visualise data from different sources. 
Moreover, academia, researchers, statisticians and students, can use open data for their papers; journalists for fact-checking;  public administrations, lobbyists, interest groups and NGOs, for monitoring and supporting arguments and decision-making processes; aggregators, to aggregate it with other sources; open data specialists, who need to follow up open data issues; citizens to be better informed or just for personal interest.

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