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Recurring help is much better than one time help: how businesses can provide sustainable humanitarian aid to Ukraine

It’s all too easy to feel comfortable and safe and far from the war in Ukraine. But even after four months, the violence shows no signs of slowing down. Families are being torn apart, their homes, schools, and businesses destroyed, as they flee from their cities and towns as well as their country, in search of safety, hope, and stability. 

Every day the news seems overwhelming, and the situation, insurmountable, as if any help we can offer would make little difference.

But there are ways to provide real and lasting help, the kind that has the power to potentially change thousands of lives for the better. More and more, businesses across Europe have been picking up this torch of global responsibility. One such company is Artec 3D, a Luxembourg developer and manufacturer of 3D scanning hardware and software. 

They’ve partnered with LUkraine, a local organization that tirelessly supports Luxembourg’s Ukrainian community, sending urgent humanitarian aid, including medicine and other essentials, arranging housing for refugee families, carrying out fundraising events, and much more.

After donating Є50,000 to LUkraine by putting in place a match-and-double donation system with employees, Art Yukhin, CEO of Artec 3D, being vehemently against the war, wanted to do more, by establishing a sustainable donation system for the long-term, one that includes the company’s business partners around the world.

In the words of Yukhin, “Recurring help is much better than one time help. To support sustainable changes in the coming years, we decided that we would give to Ukraine a certain percentage of worldwide sales we make.”

As such, on May 1, 2022, Artec 3D began donating 1% of every sale of its most popular 3D scanner Artec Leo to go towards humanitarian aid for Ukraine. And each of the company’s partners has been invited to do the same, by contributing anywhere from 1% to 3% of each Leo sale.

“It’s not just about helping Ukraine, it’s actually that Ukraine is helping us and paying a great price with their lives and blood. And that’s why it’s very important that businesses contribute responsibly,” explained Yukhin. “Even if magically, somebody stops Russia tomorrow, there are now over 14 million displaced people, this means 14 million broken lives, and major cities that have been completely destroyed. So, this help is sorely needed there.”

To help other companies create their own support programs, Yukhin will speak about this on June 30th at the ICT Spring 2022 conference. During the ICT TV Show at 13:35 on the main stage, Yukhin will explain how quickly and easily a sustainable donation system can be implemented. He will also share details about the company’s Ukrainian partners and ongoing projects there to create digital twins of priceless cultural heritage.