Mastermind Competition: who are the DeepTech finalists?

As part of a new edition of ICT Spring (September 14th and 15th), the renowned global tech conference organized since 2010, Mastermind Summit will take place on September 15th at the European Conference Center Luxembourg. This event - dedicated to the startup ecosystem - aims to promote and spread best practices, foster emulation between entrepreneurs and VCs and offer recognition to the best international startups of the ecosystem. Mastermind Summit is composed of a 1-day conference and a startup competition (Mastermind Competition) where three key categories are represented: FinTech, DeepTech and NewSpace.

During the Mastermind Summit the 7 finalists of each Mastermind Competition category (FinTech, DeepTech and NewSpace) will be invited to pitch their project on stage. During the pitching sessions, the finalists will be granted 5 minutes to present their startup and attempt to convince the members of the Jury. Every pitch will be followed by 2 minutes of Q&A conducted by the Jury.

The winner of each category will be announced during the Mastermind Competition Ceremony at 6:15 PM next September 15th.

With a large number of applications, Mastermind Competition has stirred interest from innovative startups worldwide.

In the DeepTech category, seven startups have been selected to participate in the final :

United Emotions (USA): United Emotions provides insights and experiences for the emotion economy with face AI & AR. With AI, they aim at humanizing applications. They are active in the working, learning and health sectors. They use unbiased AI while ensuring respect for privacy. 
Encapsulate (USA): Encapsulate is an automated tumour-on-a-chip system that can grow patients’ cancer cells outside the body, and test the efficacy of chemotherapeutic drugs against them to advocate for the best course of treatment.
Bfore.Ai (France): Bfore.Ai provides AI-predicted malicious domain lists before they become active – helping companies defend from future attacks before they even get acted. Predictive intelligence is both actionable and relevant to the overall business and can be used to anticipate attacks. Predicting attacks before they occur is the first step to prevention, not necessarily of the attack itself, but of the damage the attack could wreak.
Spectral Transactive Memory Systems (France): Available from a simple web browser, the Spectral Studio platform allows customers to create their Augmented Reality content easily and in total autonomy. The clients are able to digitize their operating procedures in 30 minutes. Without IT development skills, employees can now digitize their various protocols themselves. To these protocols, it is possible to add digital elements called media (video, photo, audio, 3D model, ...) in order to facilitate the understanding of the operating procedures.
Quantum Operation Inc. (Japan): Quantum Operation Inc. proposes the world’s first non-invasive glucose monitor that is capable of truly continuous measurement. The company’s patented spectrum sensing technology enables the monitoring sensor to accurately measure glucose in a person’s bloodstream through the skin while being worn around their wrist. This monitor eliminates the need and pain of daily needle uses for diabetic patients.
Rejustify (Luxembourg): developed an AI-enhanced ETL tool (Extract-Transform-Load), working as a subscription-based SaaS. They enable to find, merge and rejustify data sets in real-time, from multiple sources in just a few clicks by saving data cleansing and formatting time, accessing primary sources in real-time and eliminating manual errors. They focus on making clients (scientists, researchers, financial analysts, businesses, banks and asset managers) data-driven, keeping them focused on their businesses to take consistent actions and informed decisions.
Mithril Security SAS (France): Mithril Security provides a secure inference server for AI models. They help ML engineers deploy AI models, with end-to-end encryption during inference, without cryptography skills thanks to our SDK (software development kit).

Attend Mastermind Summit to follow 1-day of conference and discover the winners of Mastermind Competition.

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