Manuel Coelho, “How the Iot will impact the future?”

Written by on May 3rd, 2016

The Internet of Things is one of the biggest challenge in the coming years. Experts estimate that 26 billion of objects will be connected by 2020. How to deal with this massive amounts of data? How to adapt to this big change? What are the issues?  Manuel Coelho, CTO at, provides us the beginnings of an answer.


The IoT is defined as a network of physical objects connected. ‘Through standardized and unified electronic operating systems and mobile wireless devices, it becomes possible to immediately identify numeric entities and physical objects and by extension it becomes possible to recover, store, transfer, analyze all the data related’ explains Manuel Coelho.


‘We are already surrounded by connected objects whether it is in the home automation, healthcare or transport fields. However this is nothing compare to the world of tomorrow where almost any object around us will be connected. We will be able to anticipate possible health problems, to remotely monitor our fridge, to find our pet if it escapes thanks to a chip, even our ocular lens could be connected. The scope of application is unlimited’ continues the CTO.


‘However, this exponential increase of the amount of data bring many questions regarding security and protection of personal data’ continues Manuel Coelho.


Indeed, with the development of IoT, new vulnerabilities appear and therefore new possibilities to hackers.


‘Due to the growing number of connected devices, the attack vectors will increase as well and with it the possibilities to hackers to act’ explains the CTO.


‘A lot will need to be done to answer to these new security issues. IoT devices by definition will be ultra-connected and will coexist and interact with many different existing systems or to come. However effective are the current security practices, we will need to re-think, adapt and modify it in order to be able to face the IoT challenges.’


‘That is a certainty that the IoT will become an important part of our lives in the near future and with it the security issues this entails. Hence, this is the whole global tech community which has to participate to face this new revolution’ concludes Manuel Coelho.

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