Luxembourg Expats Network, a Luxembourg founded Marketplace Social Network startup reaches over 75000 expats

Luxembourg Expats Network (LuxExpats) is a marketplace social network founded by expats for expats in Luxembourg. The startup offers many interesting features with a focus on the expats and international people in the Greater Luxembourg region.


Expats are 47.5% of the 620k Luxembourg’s population, and LuxExpats has been building an ecosystem of expats, international locals and local businesses. The Startup is on a mission to make buying local and socializing easier and be part of building a future digital society.


LuxExpats Marketplace is the place to-go for everyday expats’ life. The features include:


Local Business: Local businesses feature in relevant categories, and are easily discovered by expats. Local businesses are the backbone of any country and Luxembourg is no exception. There are an estimated more than 10000 local businesses in Luxembourg, and the ambition is to bring all local businesses at the easy reach of our growing community of expats and locals. Local Business in Luxembourg


Buy and Sell: People and businesses buy and sell products on LuxExpats. People want to give away perfectly usable things as their needs change. One person’s unneeded things are another person’s need, and frankly its just sustainable with all the sustainability challenges the world is facing today. We support people selling or giving away things, and businesses/freelancers start their online shop to sell products on the platform. Buy and Sell in Luxembourg


Deals: We use the power of the community to secure special deals and discounts for our expats’ ecosystem. We offer a range of deals such as a €5 discount on orders from WeDely, 15% discount from House of Comfort, 10% discount on and many such interesting deals and discounts. Businesses are open to give those offers for increasing their reach, and the expats ecosystem benefit by the discounted offerings. Deals in Luxembourg


Request and Offer: Request or Offer freelancing activities including moving, taxis, language lesson, cleaning and you can even offer your time. People can offer these for Free or earn money. Our platform engine automatically matches the requests with the offers and instantly send email for the opportunities thereby seamlessly matching between the wants and offers. Request or Offer in Luxembourg Expats


Socializing, Networking and finding activity partners have never been easier for expats. There are cool features in LuxExpats such as:  


Meet People: Today, there is no easy way to meet new people outside of college or workplace. Meet People now makes it easy to meet new people. In Meet People, people are networking, socializing and finding activity partners. One can simply select interests and describe intent and meet people with matching interests and intent. People are meeting parents, and women can set their settings only to be seen and meeting other women, people finding sports or travel buddies happen in Meet People. Join Meet People


Stories are for interesting information and news. LuxExpats’ also showcases and highlights expats’ life and entrepreneurs’ stories in Feature Story Series (FSS). Useful and timely information are so important for life in Luxembourg. Stories and News in Luxembourg


Since 2012, the Luxembourg Expats has been building an ecosystem that has now become the go-to Marketplace Social Network for the expats’ community. People are asking for recommendations, getting advice before moving to Luxembourg, and Luxembourg Würst has written many stories inspired by the community. And one more thing, “Can I go to IKEA” is a popular question in the forum, and IKEA’s manager is part of the group and even solving some issues on-the-go. As Luxembourg Expats Network is a true part of the fabric of Luxembourg’s society, this can only be a start in becoming a part of the global future digital societies.

Twitter: @LuxExpats_

Instragram: luxembourg_expats

T: +352 691100467

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