Luc Julia: SIRI's co-creator

In the eyes of the public, Luc Julia is one of the artificial intelligence fathers due to his role in co-creating Siri.
Nevertheless, Luc Julia, who has dedicated his life to the creation of human-machine interfaces, states that artificial intelligence does not exist*.

This year, ICT Spring will welcome this French inventor whose endeavours began at the age of nine; assembling a robot to make his bed form him. This research into the automation lead him to enrol on a masters course in artificial intelligence and  write a dissertation at the Ecole Nationale des Télécommunications, in Paris. After graduating, he joined the CNRS, for a short period, before taking the direction of the SRI, the lab that really established his career.  

It was during this time that he established the Computer Human Interaction Center and together with Adma Cheyer, he obtained a patent of The Assistant that would eventually develop into the Siri that we all know, 10 years later. He also contributed to the creation of Nuance Communications, today’s voice recognition leader.

Since 2012, Luc Julia has been the Vice President of Innovation & CTO at Samsung Electronics. He has managed its IoT vision and strategy, before dedicating himself to the artificial intelligence, department. This, being the subject he holds opposing views on to two of the smartest and most influential minds views: Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking who have more alarmist views. Moreover, according to him, it is necessary to consider artificial knowledge instead. As artificial intelligence is the intelligence that will be capable of creating something that does not yet exist. 

To achieve that, Luc Julia talks about an algorithmic revolution that surpasses the pure frame of mathematics and blends all fields together to really innovate and break the rules.
Therefore, AI can offer an invaluable wealth, in particular an unbelievable potential that has not yet been discovered: something that will revolutionise humans in their abilities. 

*Artificial intelligence does not exist is also the title of its work published on First edition. 

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