James Chou: connecting Chinese startups to the Microsoft ecosystem

One of the most outstanding people of Microsoft in Asia, James Chou leads the startup activities of the company in Redmond for China, Japan and South Korea. Centrally linked to the acceleration of fledgling companies, this former HP and NEC manager is known as a successful serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist.

His role involves connecting Chinese startups to the Microsoft ecosystem and their partner’s to accelerate growth noticeably by acquiring clients to their beginnings.

His deep knowledge of future innovations makes him a fundamental partner for many accelerators, mainly for Chinese startups who wish to expand internationally.

Meanwhile, James Chou is an essential contact person for international startups looking for abilities to penetrate the Chinese market. However, Chou highlights: “Getting into Microsoft for Startups Shanghai can be as hard as getting into Harvard, considering our acceptance rate is below 2%”. When the technology waves hit China, its influence will be widespread between current and future decision leaders trying to excel as a team leader

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