Introducing Guest Speaker: Duena Blomstrom

Serial entrepreneur and cutting-edge blogger, Duena has multiplied radical statements on the junction of corporate culture and FinTech.

CEO & founder of PeopleNotTech, Duena is also a mentor for StartupBootcamp and Techstars. She proposes we rethink the culture of banks, use technology as a leverage and to overthrow the current work methods.

Duena recommends focusing on the financial moments more than the products and proposes to build substantial brands based on customer experience. To reach this, we have to accept that results will only emerge if employees and corporate culture come first.

Her intervention – written and oral- are always as well documental as radical, which makes her a unique speaker in Digital, RH, FinTech & customer experience.

There is a considerable gap between the potential for innovation offered by new technologies and the way in which conventional companies are structured nowadays. The fast moving technological changes and the emergence of new technologies increase this gap every day, according to Duena.

Duena is the author of “Emotional Banking: Fixing Culture, Leveraging FinTech and Transforming Retail Banks into Brands”: the uniqueness of her approach bridges the gap between the old and the new world and consequently one of the most wanted speakers this year.

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