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Introducing Anatella CLOUD

A game changer for all data-workers. Anatella is the fastest and most cost-effective data processing platform and it’s available NOW as a cloud solution, giving organizations all the flexibility they require to process all their data. 
Come and visit us at the ICT Lux 2022 to join us at our new platform kick off and try out the latest innovation in self-service data preparation, data reporting, big data, analytics, machine learning and AI. With just an internet connection, you extract all the value from your data.

Our unique added values are:
•    Intuitive: In a few clicks, and without any programming knowledge, analysts extract knowledge and value out of their data. Thanks to some unique Anatella-features, they easily collaborate with expert coders to produce real value for your company.
•    Fast: Your data can't wait. Manipulate and transform tables with billions of rows and thousands of columns with the highest speed of the market. In all heavy-duty scenarios, Anatella is several orders of magnitude faster than any other cloud-enabled solution.
•    Automated, Scalable and collaborative. Schedule any digital job in a few mouse clicks.
•    Freedom: With more than 400 nodes to connect and write to any sources/destinations and integrates seamlessly with any code programmed in R, Python or JavaScript.
•    Benefit from a vibrant community that just elected us the fastest growing data science solution (according to G2, a world-level organization that evaluates software solutions).
•    100% European with the Software and infrastructure provider based within the EU.
•    Sovereign and controlled as you a work without unexpected extra costs.
•    Fully green as it requires a tiny fraction of any other infrastructure.

Take advantage of incredible computing power in any situation and push the boundaries of analytics wherever you want.
The 10 firsts registrations will have our promotional 1st year discount