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Innovation Made in Romania @ ICT Spring 2023 June 29th – 30th, 2023

ICT Spring 2023, “the place where tech, innovation and science are coming together”, is the key tech conference of Luxembourg, happening from June 29th to 30th 2023. 

The Romanian pavilion at this year’s ICT Spring brings together a highly relevant and representative group of start-ups and founders of cutting-edge technologies with immediate potential benefits for the Luxembourg economy and start-up landscape. This year, seven Romanian start-ups will showcase their key technology innovations and uniqueness. These companies deliver a wide range of services: AI, Blockchain, low code, software development, fleet management and so much more. The Romanian pavilion is organised by the Romania-Luxembourg Business Forum ASBL (Romlux), the bilateral Chamber of Commerce and a Luxembourg non-profit association that aims to support the development of economic relations between actors from both countries. Interesting to note is also the presence at the Romanian pavilion in the first day of the Romanian Ambassador S.E. Livia Rusu and Mr. Rareș Burlacu – President of the Agency for Investments and Foreign Trade in Romania, a key figure in the investment and innovation landscape in Romania.

Meet the companies on the Romanian pavilion to learn more:

Plant an App is an enterprise-grade no-code / low-code platform that allows non-IT to build robust applications under governance of IT. Together with flexible integration and deployment options, Customers can design your desired solution without limitation. PlantanApp is present in 15 countries with 100+ Customers in various industries such as Financial, Healthcare, Government, Retail, Telecom, Agriculture.

Learn more: https://www.plantanapp.com/

Combining a hybrid blockchain, utility tokens, AI engines, and a dedicated browser, Sourceless.io is revolutionizing the web. Its decentralized nature ensures security and transparency, while its wNFT technology empowers users with control and value. With 300+ turnkey businesses and limitless possibilities, Sourceless.io paves the way for a new era of innovation and connectivity. 

Learn more: https://www.sourceless.io/

SC Cargo Track Solutions
The company is assisting customers in optimizing fleet management. Initially focused on real-time GPS monitoring, their services expanded to include fuel monitoring, driver behavior monitoring, tachograph data management, security solutions, automated toll payment and customizable modules. Their telematics solution provides fleet management features, allowing real-time vehicle monitoring, cost control, and activity history tracking. They also offer Collector, a waste management solution based on the "pay as you throw" principle, enabling smart waste management and traceability. Collector includes hardware and software components, utilizing AI and machine learning to automate processes and customize waste control. With RFID-equipped bins, vehicles, and a software platform, Collector is the smart city solution for efficient waste management.

Learn more: https://cargotrack.ro/en/

Fortech Products
They are a Venture Studio innovating the Healthcare and Manufacturing industries through digital transformation. They partner with key players in those industries and start-up founders to solve the most pressing problems with digital solutions which later become scalable, successful start-ups. To do this they provide a wide range of resources - business, product and industry expertise, software development, enterprise client network and paths to funding.

Learn more: https://www.fortechproducts.ro/

Frontier Management Consulting
The company is a consulting firm in Business Development, Project Management and Innovation. Frontier Management Consulting has Technology Information Center in the field of health, bio-economy and related industries aims to achieve the following objectives: 1. Identify and facilitate business projects based on results of research and technological development. 2. Supporting SMEs in the health, bio-economy and related industries, as well as the entire business environment in terms of business sustainability - products, services and processes - by capitalizing on information from the academic environment, offering consulting and technical assistance. 3. Identify and facilitate business projects based on results of research and technological development. 4. Development of partnerships between the business environment and the RDI environment. 5. Recommendation of experts to interested parties and the development of expertise on request.

Learn more: https://frontierconsulting.ro/en

Hermix is the first analytics platform for public sector sales and bid managers. They help companies understand & win public contracts. While B2C/B2B/retail are automated and rely on big-data analysis, public tendering is still in its infancy. Hermix brings B2G to the 21st century, with: tender monitoring, opportunity qualification, and market intelligence (authorities, competition, affinities, gaps. Who buys & sells, what, when, where, how). 

Learn more: https://www.hermix.eu/

bitExpert Digital Services
Fast success or complex genius! They are building digital solutions and business processes for various industries. They deliver professional web- & business applications and take care for integrations, interfaces and tech. consulting. They work with two development approaches: with Pro-Code for complex, individual and extensive projects, and with Low-Code for rapid development of business processes with a focus on flexibility and configurability.

Learn more: https://www.bitexpert.de/en_US/unternehmen/

Meet them at ICTSpring 2023!