ICT Spring’s start-ups: Let’s know more about Zenview, Contec and Umitron !

Hilal Tufan


Since the very beginning, ICT Spring has been a startups-friendly event and offers the participants the opportunity to live a unique experience when exploring its startups’ village and innovative solutions coming from all around the world.  


You can find here below a brief presentation of three of the confirmed start-ups that will be at ICT Spring on May 21st and May 22nd, including : Zenview, Contec & Umitron !




ZENVIEW developed a solution to reduce work-related stress and negative feelings. The company uses virtual reality technology combined with a variety of audio guides which allows the employee to completely immerse themselves in a new world and find it’s personal place of relaxation – without actually leaving the workplace.

Web site: http://www.zenview.lu


CONTEC was founded on January 5th 2015. It is a spin-off company from KARI(Korea Aerospace Research Institute). Contec is doing the business for design, development and integration of ground system in the space and defence application. Based on these heritages, the company is currently playing on the space market to provide the customized satellite ground station service through their own ground station with their accumulated technologies and unique ability.

Web site: http://contec.kr/


UMITRON was founded in 2016 and is a Singapore- and Japan-based deeptech company. It’s aim is to solve worldwide food and environmental problems by empowering aquaculture through technology. The company builds user-friendly data platforms for aquaculture by using IoT, satellite remote sensing, and AI. Their technology help farmers improve farm efficiency, manage environmental risks, and increase business revenues. Their final goal is to utilize computer models in combination with aquaculture to help the world sustainably and efficiently deliver protein in a human-friendly and nature-friendly way. Ultimately, They aim to install Sustainable Aquaculture on Earth.

Web site: https://umitron.com/en/index.html


Discover other startups coming at the event here: https://www.ictspring.com/network/startups/

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