ICT Spring’s guest start-up of this year !

Hilal Tufan



Since the very beginning, ICT Spring has been a startups-friendly event and offers the participants the opportunity to live a unique experience when exploring its startups’ village and innovative solutions coming from all around the world.  

You can find here below the presentation of three of the start-up that will be here on May 21st & 22nd, including : Leet Design, Tindeco & FaceHeart Inc. .


Leet design is a company that designs, creates and manufactures innovative solutions to meet the challenges of well-being and productivity within busy environments and modern workspaces.

Web site: https://leet-design.com/

Tindeco’s mission is to assist the Asset and Wealth Management industries navigate the building paradigm shift. Tindeco’s team has a  decades of experience developing innovative businesses from within the established financial services industry, coupled with a proven track record of building startups into successful businesses. The company has  constructed a sophisticated technology platform which is 2 to 3 steps ahead of the status quo and they will help their clients take full advantage of their platform as they navigate the coming disruption. The company launched Tindeco VISION, it is a fully integrated investment management platform. VISION is used by Banks, Family Offices and Fund Managers. VISION CORE Technologies provides Portfolio Administration, Portfolio Management, Risk Management, Order Management and Client Relationship Management - making it a comprehensive solution for Asset Managers.

Website: https://www.tindecofs.com/

FaceHeart Inc. is an AI company that integrates artificial intelligence, deep learning and physiological information measurement. FaceHeart provides services to different users, including smart healthcare, smart transportation, fintech, smart security and so on. Through their technology and products, people can instantly learn about physiological information and enable the society, environment and people to be healthier and safer.

Web site: https://www.faceheart.com/ 

Discover other startups coming at the event here: https://www.ictspring.com/network/startups/ 


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