How will the next Arianespace’s rocket remain competitive?

Written by Boitcha Laïfa on April 20th, 2018

Arianespace is the international marketing and sales organization for the European space industry and various component suppliers. The launch service provider is internationally known for various launches of space rockets and satellites. This year, on April, 5th, Arianespace has launched the “Ariane Flight VA242” and must prepare, now, for 2 launches for Spaceflight Industries and Space Systems/Loral. Jacques Breton, Senior Vice President, Sales & Customers for Arianespace, will take part of the Space Summit, on May 16th afternoon, dedicated to Disruptive technologies in space. Discover more about him below.

Jacques Breton is the Senior Vice-President – Sales & Business Development, with the focus on commercializing the company’s launch services solutions and defining future market requirements. He is member of the Executive Committee.
He joined Arianespace in 1985 as head of the technical support department in the Marketing & Sales division and participated in the start-up of Starsem (the company charged with marketing Soyuz launches at Baikonur Cosmodrome) in the role as Arianespace’s Deputy Director – Technical and Industrial.
Jacques Breton was assigned to Arianespace’s subsidiary in Washington, D.C., as Director of Engineering from 1999 to 2003, where he was the technical liaison customers and manufacturers in the United States, while participating in sales & marketing in the region. He then returned to company headquarters in Evry, France as head responsible for technical support and business development in the sales directorate. He holds his current position since 2009.
Jacques Breton began his professional career with Avions Marcel Dassault-Bréguet Aviation in 1980. He holds a degree from the French ENSAM engineering school, with specialized graduate work in aerospace engineering at the Ecole Spéciale des Travaux Aéronautiques.

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