How to convince your boss to send you to ICT Spring?



ICT Spring is the inescapable international meeting place for the tech world in Luxembourg, an event not to be missed under any circumstances. Still in doubt? Here are a few arguments, not exhaustive, to convince your boss to send you to this outstanding conference. 

Low investment for high impact
You think that the ticket price is too high for your company, really? How to quantify the value of accessing 5000 key decision-makers in IT, finance, banking, web, marketing, space,health, cybersecurity, media as well as connecting with investors, entrepreneurs from over 72 countries? How to quantify the value of having the opportunity to build strong relationships and partnerships with visionary high-level and inspiring people? Do the maths but it is probably worth more than a few hundred bucks, no? And don’t forget that ICT Spring is held in Luxembourg, your gateway to Europe, a prime business location. 

A unique opportunity to dive into your ecosystem 
In this kind of event, it’s only communication and self-promotion you might think. You get it all wrong. ICT Spring is much more than that. The global tech conference offers an exclusive program of seminars and presentations delivered by some of the greatest names in technology and marketing, disruptive and fast growing startups will attend and let you explore the latest trends and technological advances of your sector through an exhibition of 100 companies. 

A perfect timing to reconnect with the business 
ICT Spring made a promise: to continue connecting the brightest minds at the occasion of this unique conference. Do you know many shows that have been cancelled in the past two years? We can proudly say, we did not! We always found a way to gather decision makers all together for this insightful programme whether it was in a digital or hybrid format for last year. For its 2022 edition, ICT Spring comes back in a physical format as we know that the first impression is key to create long-term relationships and onboard new clients. We also know that discussions are more convivial face-to-face and allow us to go more in-depth compared to the visio-meeting-race we’ve been involved in the past months. 
The event will always be hosted in the best sanitary conditions and will comply with current rules so tell your boss we’ll keep you safe. 

A wide-ranging visibility impact
You think that once the event is over, it is immediately forgotten? Make no mistake. Each year, ICT Spring partners with more than 50+ media to promote the conference and highlight the expertise of great international speakers. In addition, the companies, startups and professionals participating in ICT Spring do not cease after their participation to communicate about the event via their social networks and their website to partners and customers. Do not miss any of the opportunities proposed during the event and your face will appear everywhere after it, mission accomplished!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your ticket >>

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