Hazumu Yamazaki: CSO of Empath

Winner of the Pitch Your Startup edition 2018, Hazumu Yamazaki is known as the co-founder and CSO of Empath, one of the first Japanese startups integrated by Google Launchpad Accelerator. 

The founders have developed an artificial intelligence software being able to detect the emotions in human voice. Joy, calm, anger and sorrow are among the 4 identifiable emotions of the software, being already integrated in several business sectors such as identifying the mental health of employees, verifying the satisfaction of customers or checking the mental health of drivers for safety reasons. 

Founded in 2017, Empath has already attracted major international investors and is marketed in over 50 countries. The technology, being integrated in well-known companies such as Fujitsu, goes a step further than most personal assistants by analyzing the meaning of a sentence and not only the linguistic aspects. Hazumu says the idea came up during the tsunami in 2011 “While working for a group specializing in medical technologies, our founder Takaaki Shimoji discovered that there were many alternatives for analyzing the data concerning the physical condition of the victims of the disaster, but nothing to assess their mental state”. 

Empath recently joined Orange Fab Asia, a startup accelerator, and Google acceleration programs facilitating the entry into the European market and in particular France. Winning 8 pitch competitions helped to boost his business as well and get the trust of over 1,000 international customers and medias. Through the win of the Pitch Your Startup competition, the company received two seats in the Luxembourg City Incubator collaboration space as well as the Luxinnovation Innovation Service Package.

Video presentation of Empath: www.mobileworldlive.com/latest-stories/empathinc

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