G-SYS to present its IT services at ICT Spring

Written by Alexandre Keilmann on April 24th, 2017

Active in Luxembourg and in the Greater Region (France, Belgium, Germany), G-SYS is an IT services provider and publisher of an ERP named: Kolibrys©.
Founded in 1997, G-SYS has expanded its skills over the years to offer you a complete range of services that allow you to limit your external IT providers. From software development to installation and maintenance of your infrastructure, and on your image on the Internet, we have an important expertise in all areas of IT.
Kolibrys© is a tool offering many possibilities to companies. From a multi-purpose base, Kolibrys© can integrate modules and answer numerous needs. The tool can evolve in any direction, integrating at the same time the features of an ERP or a CRM.
This solution is for small and medium-sized companies. For these actors, Kolibrys© is a real vector of performance; it helps them to grow up and evolves with them. Customers are confronted with problems of organization and find in Kolibrys© an ally of their development. Kolibrys© offers them possibilities of automating tasks and fluidifying the processes. Companies take advantages thanks to G-SYS team through the support of a personalized integration according to their needs, to their resources and to their organization.
Today, a user of Kolibrys© needs only one software to answer all needs. Kolibrys is constantly developing according to the technological evolutions and the new expectations of the users and the market.
Kolibrys© may accompany companies’ growth with different modules: electronical data management, email archiving, sales process management, purchase process management, stock management, timesheet edition, project management, carrier management or retail solution.
And more, G-SYS proposes services of IT integration according to the needs of the customers with the implementation and the management of the infrastructure at the company or in the cloud.
G-SYS also develop websites adapted to the needs of the customers and businesses tools. These developments can be easily associated with Kolibrys©.
Customers are looking for safety and mobility, G-SYS propose integrated solutions: implementation, maintenance of the infrastructure, development, …
Customers win in efficiency by putting at their disposal good tools or by helping them through Kolibrys© or other tools developed to measure and digitize their process.
G-SYS care about customers and to provide their activities G-SYS has developed partnerships with key players of the cyber-security as WatchGuard, Barracuda, Kaspersky or BitDefender.


Communicated by G-SYS

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